What is the Living Room SF?

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The Mission

The Living Room SF produces engaging community experiences, publications, and fosters partnerships to develop economic opportunities for Bay Area writers with unstable incomes and a primary focus on BIPOC writers in order to cultivate literary community, productive dialogue on topics that affect Bay Area Residents, and increase social cohesion in San Francisco.

The Living Room SF is a community, an incubator for writers and their ideas, a business, and an opportunity to connect.

The Programs

  • The Living Room Reading Series & Salon
  • The Kitchen Table Reading Series
  • Pop-up events with community sponsors
  • Partnerships with Bay Area festivals
  • Scholarship-funded in-person workshops

The Vision

  • Documentary poetry films
  • Histories of Black poets in San Francisco
  • Support for Black poets living in San Francisco
  • Literary anthologies & community micro press workshops
  • More interdisciplinary art experiences, including prescriptive arts: Poetry Therapy & Mindfulness events
  • Mutual Aid funds
  • Guaranteed Income pilot for Black poets in San Francisco
  • Online community for convenings, workshops, and collaboration
  • Visual archive of San Francisco writers & events
  • Writing retreat

The Living Room connects writers with established literary organizations and collectives through partnerships. In 2022, we were able to feature and pay 77 Writers over 21 events, partner with 4 arts organizations, gain exposure for 4 small pop-up food vendors, support 3 community partners, feature in 2 festivals, and celebrate historic and contemporary Black poets at a boutique hotel. In 2023, we've done even more. Stay tuned for a community report.