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About Kitchen Table

Created by Paolo Bicchieri & Lucie Pereira, co-produced with Kevin Dublin, Kitchen Table is a quarterly series centered on poetry and literature, food and drink, and culture and politics. The core of the series are the questions: What feeds your body? What feeds your mind? Two poets and one food writer share their work and have conversations with each other and the audience as we all share a local pop-up's food or drink. The series was piloted in September and November of 2022 and continues in 2023 with shows on January 13, April 14, July 14, and October 13 at 7pm.

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photo of Kitchen Table pilot 2 author Preeti Vangani

photo of Kitchen Table pilot intermission. An attendee orders food

photo of Kitchen Table pilot 1 authors in conversation

photo of Kitchen Table pilot 2 vendors: Deathless Coffee and Over Yonder Bakehouse